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Did you receive the attention you deserved when you had your tax returns completed this year? Happy with the results? Considering a new tax preparer? Keep us in mind for next year should you be considering a change, or, if you still need your taxes prepared this year, give us a call! We'd be happy to give you a free quote!

We offer you two options for tax preparation:
  • Prepare and file you own tax returns using our on-line filing site right here!
  • Allow Complete Bookkeeping Services to professionally prepare your tax returns for you!

For those interested in having us prepare your tax returns, we offer the following:


Our tax preparers are highly qualified, degreed and professional. Each preparer we hire must pass a test of federal, state and local tax knowledge each year. We attend an annual 2-day tax seminar each November as well as keep up-to-date with the latest tax law changes during the year through daily and weekly e-mail alerts, as well as monthly newsletters. We are capable of handling any tax return, whether it's a teenager with a single W-2 or a complicated business tax return or anything in-between!


We LOVE doing taxes and it shows as each client is treated in a warm, friendly manner. Our preparers give you and your tax return the attention you deserve!


Our office was designed with your privacy in mind. We offer four individual rooms, with glass windows and doors, where you can sit down with your preparer one-on-one for your tax return consultation.


If you're busy and don't have the time for a sit-down appointment, simply drop off your tax information and we will call you when it's done, usually within a few days to a week (of course, your tax preparer will call you with the results or if there are questions along the way).


If you happen to be driving by and need your taxes done, come on in – we'll be happy to help you!


We file your tax returns we have prepared electronically for free, making it fast and easy for you with direct deposit of refunds!


We prepare all individual federal, state and local tax returns. We can prepare any state or local form available throughout the U.S.


We prepare all business federal and state tax returns including:
  • Schedule C - for Sole Proprietors (& Single-Member LLCs)
  • Form 1065 - for Partnerships (& Multi-Member LLCs)
  • Form 1120/1120S - for Corporations


We provide estimated tax coupons and quarterly reminder postcards so you don't forget to send in your tax payments on time.


We offer our tax preparation services year-round as we handle extensions, amended returns and fiscal year tax returns.


We accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards for payment for any of our services, including tax preparation fees.


We offer "e-Collect", an alternative for those who like to have their tax preparation fees taken out of their refund. There is no added delay to receive your refund using “e-Collect”. The “e-Collect” options are: direct deposit, paper check or a Visa debit card (the balance of your refund is put on a Visa debit card). The Visa debit card is instant-issued, so you walk out with card in hand! You will be notified via text or e-mail when funds are available! These options are bank products, therefore, bank fees are involved. The bank fees are: $20.00 for the Visa debit card, $48.95 for direct deposit and $53.95 for a paper check. Alternatively, you may still get a regular direct deposit or paper check directly from IRS at no cost when you pay your tax preparation fees upfront with cash, check or credit/debit card. Payment is expected and required when you pick up your completed tax return, so please plan accordingly.


We hold a long time membership in NATP - National Association of Tax Professionals.

National Association of Tax Professionals

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