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Whether you're just starting out or you've been in business for a long time, we can help! Leave the dreaded paperwork to us and get on with what you do best!

Our monthly bookkeeping services are designed to ease your record-keeping burden and allow you more time to grow your business and generate profits! We accomplish this task by classifying your sales and expenses into the proper accounts they belong in. We track your credit card and loan balances and reconcile your bank statement monthly. One affordable monthly fee includes all of the following:


Timely financial statements in an easy-to-read format show you where you stand each month. Not just for the government or the IRS, but necessary to help you manage your business more effectively by making better-informed business decisions. Includes balance sheet, income statement (profit & loss) with budget comparisons and variances, cash flow statement, detail general ledger, journal entry and transaction listing.


Our color graph shows revenues compared to expenses in an easy-to-read picture form. Allows you to see things you may not have detected through financial statements alone.


We reconcile your bank statement as a proving out of the bank's figures with your figures. We catch those debits you may have missed! We notify you immediately of errors in your checkbook to help you avoid unnecessary bank fees! We also reconcile your credit card statements to ensure we account for every charge and fee being assessed to you.


We file your sales tax reports electronically for you. Receive a payment coupon or choose an ACH debit to your checking account.


Our payroll reports (for do-it-yourself payroll) include a listing of each payroll check issued for the month plus month, quarter and year-to-date payroll and tax information on each employee (required for government and insurance purposes). Quarterly payroll tax reports include Federal Form 941, state and local withholding reports, Local Services Tax reports, FUTA deposit, and SUTA reports. Your tax deposits and payments are filed electronically. Year-end payroll tax reports include Form 940, W-2s and 1099s in envelopes, ready to mail. You will receive a copy of all reports.


Never worry about gathering paperwork for your annual worker’s comp audit, even when this report overlaps calendar years. We can handle this for you. Many firms charge extra for this audit.


Our asset depreciation schedules tracks the purchase and sale of business assets throughout the year, important for tax preparation.


Careful year-round tax planning is important to minimize taxes and avoid unnecessary tax penalties for underpayment of estimated taxes.


Should you ever be audited, we will appear with you at that audit at no extra cost and explain how your return was prepared.

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